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Monday, September 20, 2004

Starting point: El Blog de Enrique Dans

El Blog de Enrique Dans is the blog that really pushed me to start writing mine. Since I discovered it, I can't remember how, i've been reading it more and more, even browsing its archived posts. Mr. Dans is a well known digital celeb in the spanish blogsphere. His posts go from the pure techie gadget review to enlighting moral dilemmas regarding new technologies and their effects in moderm society and business. Besides it is quite easy to read, well documented and the sources are always provided. I don't pretend to match Mr. Dans high activity in his blog, or his indisputable quality, but occasionally I might have some interesting things to say, uh? I've been working for some years now in the mobile industry in a leading company in Europe. This has given me a wonderful opportunity, not only to see the technologies, but also to understand and study their effect in business from a cutting-edge point of view. If I've ever learned anything I should be able to write some interesting stuff here. If not, well... I won't go there... :-) There is something I heard time ago, and it is engraved in my memory. I believe it was Schrödinger, the great scientist, who said: "If you can't explain what you're doing, you don't understand it." I've found this statement to be very accurate. When I learned about 'blogs' the whole thing matched perfectly in my mind and I thought it is a wonderful way to test how much I understand the things I'm interested in and, even better, a way to push me to understand them. If you are reading this, thanks for your patience. I would love to hear from you. Best regards, Alfredo.


  • You will hear from many us, don't worry... the blogosphere never remains silent ;-) So, first of all, thanks for your kind words, I am really flattered like a peacock... And second, a warm, warm welcome to the blogosphere!! I sincerely wish you a nice and fulfilling experience.



    By Blogger Enrique, at 6:57 PM  

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