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Monday, April 11, 2005

Moving out of blogger

I've been evaluating Blogger for a while now (not that I had much time...) In any case I've decided blogger is out for me unless until Google decides to do something for demanding users. Don't get me wrong. Blogger was awesome before and still is. I bet Google muscle will make it still better. When that time arrives I might reconsider... TypePad is the future for me (I almost feel like betraying Blogger). I won't abandon it completely since I still will use it to share photos with friends (I like the way it integrates with Picasa). For the my higher visibility blogs I'd rather use pretty TypePad. Call me posh... With the change comes as well flickr, bloglines blogroll, technorati, my creative commons licenses, etc. All the stuff I've been breathing this months... And I did it all in just a couple of days... Awesome! Hope to see you in or

Monday, November 15, 2004


Second post in the same day? I'm on steroids today! Honestly, I love the idea of P2P TV. And yes, networks and other copyright nuts will hate it, of course. Where is TV technology going? Apparently to TiVO like top boxes in which you can easily search and record your favourite shows and watch them when u want, how u want, record them if they are precious enough for you, etc, etc. This sounds like perfect. But... wait a minute... then u will have DRM to avoid copying and playing after a time, and you will have new creative ways to insert ads in series so that you won't get rid of them, and you will have network fees to even allow you to record their shows, blah, blah. In other words you are paying a fee to the ones that try to figure out how not to let you do things... Not that good now, uh? As a user I accept paying for quality contents but I do not accept the idea of asking for permission for every single thing. I just hate the idea. It's encoded in my genes. (Idea 1: Established entertainment providers focus on what they don't want me to do with their product.) On the other side of the ring you have the internet and you have broadband and netflix, etc. While the traditional providers of entertainment struggle to keep their business models, the new kids in town offer well thought, likeable alternatives and look for new ways of adapting to what I want. They do not pretend to impose their model because they didn't have one. They have to look for ways to adapt to what I like. Isn't that clever? No, it's perfectly rational. They are second in the race and need to fight better to come first at the end. Period. (Idea 2: New ways exist to deliver the entertainment time ago, they are good, technology will make them even better, and the ones in command have the right mindset to please me as a customer moving forward.) So, what about P2P TV? If you think about it looks like a natural evolution of the Internet technology and the user's expectations as well. We have P2P networks to donwload music or your favouriteTV shows as well (although, in ocasions, illegally). We use RSS agregators to scan without effort our favourite and more trusted sources. We have the network connections to deliver the content, we have the disks to store them, the DVDs to create backups and we display them in computers, TVs, cars. So you have the screens to watch it, the ultimate search tools to find it, the connection to get it, the P2P networks to efficiently use the resources, the syndication to monitor it. You have the ultimate TV in front of you now. (Idea 3: A PC with a broadband connection has everything needed to offer a better experience than a TV) What you lack is the right packaging. Something that makes watching what you like easier than getting your remote and start zapping or figuring out if what you have in your TiVO is protected/legal/expired/expensive/stupid/... I have good news, maybe you won't have to wait for long: TVTorrent is here. It combines RSS and BitTorrent to download your favourite TV Shows directly to your PC. I haven't tried it yet and I don't know if this will be the one that killed the TV star, but if you ask me I'd buy a big screen for your laptop instead of that fancy plasma TV... You will write off the cost way sooner and enjoy it much more. (Idea 4: the right packaging, the right way to do it is out there somewhere and will appear sooner or later. Once it happens it will grow naturally, i.e. exponentially) Prediction: P2P TV will come & stay. See where I read the story: PVRBlog. P.S.: If you are trying to see TVTorrent you might find a wonderful "Bandwidth limit exceeded" message now. If I'd be a network chief executive I'd be more than worried... This freaks don't stop creating illegal stuff!!

Piano, piano, s'arriva lontano

Anyone out there? Of course not... :-) Anyway... Here it goes again. This is just my second post ever. I'm usually very serious about things I start, up to being paranoid sometimes, well, except going to the gym... So I just wanted to have somewhat more experience in this blogs thing before "launching" something that maybe someone would read at some point. So I've spent a couple of months reading through zillions of blogs, webs, etc. I decided that my second post should be regarding blogs, why, what, etc. That would drive my learning. Sure! In this weeks I've been considering if I should write my posts in spanish or english, if I should focus in wireless technologies alone (my favourite topic) or just throw in it everything that came to my mind. I've looked into a lot of tools to help me improve the site and manage links, posts, sources, etc. Problem is that I do not enjoy much spare time lately and the task was growing ad infinitum. In my advantage I'll say that the high quality blog of who was my muse time ago, Mr. Dans, set very high standards that I was trying, if not to match, to come close. Long shot. So, what I meant to say with this long speech is that I've tried to do it better but done nothing at the end. I've learned a lot in the process anyway, I've finally realized that what I should have learned at first was that the way you learn is by offering and sharing. Wether someone likes it or not is a different thing that time will tell. It was so obvious...

Monday, September 20, 2004

Starting point: El Blog de Enrique Dans

El Blog de Enrique Dans is the blog that really pushed me to start writing mine. Since I discovered it, I can't remember how, i've been reading it more and more, even browsing its archived posts. Mr. Dans is a well known digital celeb in the spanish blogsphere. His posts go from the pure techie gadget review to enlighting moral dilemmas regarding new technologies and their effects in moderm society and business. Besides it is quite easy to read, well documented and the sources are always provided. I don't pretend to match Mr. Dans high activity in his blog, or his indisputable quality, but occasionally I might have some interesting things to say, uh? I've been working for some years now in the mobile industry in a leading company in Europe. This has given me a wonderful opportunity, not only to see the technologies, but also to understand and study their effect in business from a cutting-edge point of view. If I've ever learned anything I should be able to write some interesting stuff here. If not, well... I won't go there... :-) There is something I heard time ago, and it is engraved in my memory. I believe it was Schrödinger, the great scientist, who said: "If you can't explain what you're doing, you don't understand it." I've found this statement to be very accurate. When I learned about 'blogs' the whole thing matched perfectly in my mind and I thought it is a wonderful way to test how much I understand the things I'm interested in and, even better, a way to push me to understand them. If you are reading this, thanks for your patience. I would love to hear from you. Best regards, Alfredo.